Sunday, 31 October 2010

Completed Projects

Whilst sorting things to show at the recent Stitch and Stash Meet Up on 16th October 2010 .. I found this lovely design I completed a couple of years ago.  I am undecided whether to keep it or give it to my niece.

Baby Pic by Maria Diaz

Celtic Spring

I have joined UFO night on Stitch and Stash board to get my Large Cavalier pics finished

Progress from yesterday

There is lots of confetti stitching on this piece with 93 different colours so VERY slow going.

I have also been working on The Quiltmaker ..... I will post a progress pic soon.

Hugs to all xx

More Pics of My 1st Round Robin

Well I have finished my 1st Round Robin

Dusty's From America

Tina's from Solihull

My Piece Completed

I really enjoyed doing this and I have decided to take part in another one in the New Year with the girls from Stitch and Stash again.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Updates on Projects

I have been doing various projects since my last posting. 

I have been doing a Round Robin on Stitch and Stash.  My chosen subject was butterflies in the memory of my Mum.

The 1st pic below is Dusty's which comes all the way from America.
The 2nd pic below is Jacqui's from up North.
The 3rd pic is Chris's who lives in Coventry.
I have Clare's to work on next and I have to post it by the end of July.  I haven't started on it yet so I had better get going with it.

Hugs to all xx

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Happy Dances

I have a few happy dances to show

1st is my L & L Celtic Winter Lady. I started this on Saturday 19th September 2009 and finished at 2am this morning... completed in just 2 months.. so chuffed with myself. Just need to get it framed now.

Next is my Christmas Tidings SAL on the Stitch and Stash Board... thanks for organising this Ursh ....

Next is my Christmas Wishes SAL also on the Stitch and Stash Board... thanks for organising this too Ursh...

I havs also completed and posted my Christmas Mail Art exchange but I can't show a pic until reveal day.

I am going to start on L & L Celtic Spring this afternoon whilst watching TV.

Thanks for reading and big hugs


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

New Start ~ L & L Celtic Christmas

This is another new project that I have started.

I started this on Saturday 19th September 2009 and have done some on it every day since. This is because I am loving it some much. Thank you Kathy for encouraging me to have a go at one of these. I was also bought a Lowery stand by a very close friend for stitching this.. ain't I a lucky

Here is my progress so far....

I am stitching it on 28 ct Zweigart Brittney in Natural and the fabric colour doesn't show up well in this pic.

When I have finished this one I have Celtic Spring kitted up and waiting in the wings. I really want to stitch all these .. just need to get hold of all the if anybody as a copy of any of them that they no longer require please give me a

Hugs to all xx

My Meet Up in Nuneaton

Firstly sorry for my absence...

On Saturday 3rd October I held my first ever meet up in Nuneaton... we had a lovely day... here's a few pics

Here is my concentrating on my new project..

This is Kathy from Bristol.. my best friend ...

This is a small group of those that attended.....

This is Clare with little Keely...

This is Tina and Vicki...

We had a lovely day together... 14 of us altogether. Some of us then went onto Rugger Tavern for a Carvery meal.

Our next meet up is planned for 24th April 2010... can't wait.