Thursday, 11 December 2008

I am so chuffed and PIF

I had entered a PIF (Pass It Forward) on a blog i read and I have just been notified that I won...... so over the course of the next 12 months Maria in Canada is going to stitch me something and send it me.

Now I am offering it on here so if you would like to be entered leave your details in a comment and I will get my son to draw a name on Sunday 21st December at 8pm UK time. The lucky winner will then have something sewn by me and sent to them over the next 12 months then they post the PIF on their blog. Good luck

Saturday, 6 December 2008

More Exchange Gifts .....


As I told you earlier this week I am taking part in a Advent Exchange on Crafty Natter.

My list so far

1st Lovely pen with Dolphin Tag
2nd Empty Coaster, Keyring and Fridge Magnet for insering cross stitch or
hardanger into.
3rd Tree of Life Pin Cushion Kit
4th Set of Spa Candles
5th Set of Bead Containers
6th Large Piece of Coloured Evenweave fabric

I will update you later this week of my further gifts

Thanks for reading

Big Hugs

Lynn xx

This Weeks UFO Progress

Hi Girls

Here is the progress of my UFO on Crafty Natter

I have been working on other projects but can't show pics just yet...

Hope you are all keeping well

Take care and big hugs

Love Lynn xx

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I have started opening my exchange gifts ...... xx


I am in a Advent Exchange on Crafty Natter forum,

My gift for yesterday was a lovely blue pen with a Dolphin Charm. Today I received a Coaster, Keyring and Fridge Magnet. These are all empty for you to insert cross stitch or wahtever you like. I will probably put a small piece of Hardanger in each of mine. I will post pics of my exchange gifts on a weekly basis.

On the sewing front I went to my Hardanger Day at Colly's on Saturday and had a lovely time. I conquered driving in fog both ways to Derby... ain't I brave. I had a wonderful day.

I have been doing some more on my Pretty in Pink tablecloth... I will sort a progress pic of this over the weekend.

Also I have joined another exchange on Crafty Natter... this one is for a Christmas Ornament. I have been searching for a chart for a few weeks. I finally sorted this at the weekend and got craking on my Christmas Ornament. I can't show a pic till my partner has opened it on Christmas Day.

Thats all for now so catch yuo all soon and take care.

Big Hugs to All

Love Lynn x