Monday, 14 September 2009

Updates on Projects


I have now started a Daily Rotation where I stitch on something different every day of the month.

Here is my progress on Holiday Train

Here is my progress on Cavaliers on which i have started on page 3.


Always smiling said...

Well done Lynn, but I was hoping to see your Lavender and Lace.I love the hardanger its beautiful.. no news yet about the meet up in October?
Chris x

Lindylou said...

Hi Chris

Only started on Lavender and Lace yesterday (19.09.09). I will post progress in the next few days.

Regarding meet up please check out Nifty Needles or Stitch and Stashers forums for details.



Karan said...

You have some lovely pieces on your blog Lynn. Will be coming back to watch those WIP's develop. :0)

Always smiling said...

Hi Lynn
Thank you for organising yesterday I had a great day...Just been posting pics on my blog of it all
Chris x

Neabear said...

How have you been? I am just catching up on blog reading here. Have you been doing any stitching lately? I finished my apple bowl cross-stitch and started another for the Stitch along blog.