Thursday, 11 December 2008

I am so chuffed and PIF

I had entered a PIF (Pass It Forward) on a blog i read and I have just been notified that I won...... so over the course of the next 12 months Maria in Canada is going to stitch me something and send it me.

Now I am offering it on here so if you would like to be entered leave your details in a comment and I will get my son to draw a name on Sunday 21st December at 8pm UK time. The lucky winner will then have something sewn by me and sent to them over the next 12 months then they post the PIF on their blog. Good luck


robin_titan said...

Oh this sounds fun may I enter and if I can participate can I pay it forward with ebooks? or does it have to be something sewn b/c I'm sorry to say I'm not good with that :D


stitching kath said...

just found your blog whilst reading a friends. please add me to your draw. thanks kath